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How and with what to clean the vehicle interior?


During the summer, we often pay significantly more attention to the interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle. Speaking now only of the vehicle’s interior, what tools should be used to tidy it up at all?

To clean the fittings and other plastic surfaces, it is wise to use a special internal care product for plastic surfaces. It forms a matte, dust-repellent antistatic surface that does not reflect and leaves a fresh smell in the cabin. A microfiber cloth could be used for cleaning.

Dirt and wear also occur on leather parts, especially leather covers sewn on the seats. When cleaning the skin, it is important to use products that do not damage the surface.

If all kinds of surfaces need to be moved quickly in the passenger compartment, a general cleaning agent can also be used. It is worth remembering that the best results are still obtained if you use a special tool for each surface.