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Marfola OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital that specializes in full-service lease and short-term car rental. By using a full-service lease, You keep your costs under control. There is no need to worry about the rising monthly payment due to the rise in the price of Euribor or about changing the tires. No, by us everything is already included. Just sit in the car and enjoy the ride.
It is possible to pay off the residual cost of the car if at the end of the leasing period You have gotten fond of Your vechicle. In addition to the usual lease, full-service leaser also covers tires, tire change, car maintenance, traffic insurance, etc.


Answers to questions about full-service lease

• When a company buys a vehicle, it is recognized in the balance sheet as property. If a company buys a vehicle with a loan, it is recognized in the balance sheet as a liability and part of the interest as a financial expense.

• In the case of full-service lease, the car is not owned by the company but is leased by the company under an operating lease, which means that the financing of the car purchase is not reflected in the balance sheet.

• In the meanwhile we will take good care of your car and the risk of your business suffering from technical breakdowns of cars is minimized.
In addition, you no longer have to worry about selling used cars.

 When using our vechicles

We ask you to use the car prudently in accordance with the purpose specified in the technical documentation of the car, carefully following the rules of maintenance and use of the car manufacturer.

 It is forbidden to use the car for activities that result in greater wear and tear than in normal use.

• Caravan • For towing a trailer or similar object for commercial purposes

• For racing, driving lessons or any competition

• For subleasing or providing passenger transport services • For providing driving hours

Contract includes (unless otherwise agreed):

• Fixed annual mileage

• Regular maintenance and repairs

• Tires according to the season

• Technical inspection

• Insurance

• 24h emergency breakdown service

• Replacement car while we take care of Your car

• Fuel card

The rent does not include:

• Repairs due to the installation of unauthorized accessories on the vehicle

• Vehicle repairs due to improper use (eg use of wrong fuel, non-maintenance of the vehicle etc.)

• Costs not due to normal use and wear

• Replacement of damaged and missing parts

• Fines and penalties for traffic and parking violations

• Adding and removing accessories

• Fuel and car accessories

• Windscreen washer fluid

• Car wash