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Before summer maintenance

Owning a car comes with standard routine maintenance to keep your quad bike in good working order and hassle-free. Often, car owners only start to deal with problems once they have made themselves known. In fact, preventive steps should be taken to avoid failures and other technical concerns.

In order not to miss any important maintenance work, we have pointed out a few important things that could definitely be checked before the summer arrives.

Review fluids

There are all kinds of fluids in a car, but there are two main ones – oil and coolant – that are worth paying attention to. Oil is an unspeakably important component of engine performance, which receives a relatively large amount of watts during the cold periods of winter. That is why it is wise to change the old winter oil to fresh before the summer.

Next, be sure to check the coolant level and system. The coolant plays a particularly important role during the summer, when the weather is warmer and the outside air does not cool the engine.

As a rule, changing the coolant is not an annual activity. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the cooling system is inspected annually for leaks or other malfunctions. Driving around with a problematic cooling system often results in the engine overheating, which can lead to rather hefty repair bills.

Brakes are important not only in winter but also in summer

In summer, car brakes are often not given as much attention as in winter, as the roads are generally drier and there is not so much risk of slipperiness. Ideally, the vehicle’s brakes should be inspected at least twice a year – before winter and spring.

One thing is for sure, safety, but unmaintained brakes can also damage your wallet. For example, it is common for the car to apply the brakes gently while driving, as a result of which the vehicle will also consume more fuel. Often we are not even aware of this.

The newly replaced brake system may also be defective or worse more quickly for some other reason. Therefore, it is recommended to check them regularly.

We use more air conditioning in warm weather

The car’s air conditioning is a pleasant comfort that many drivers can’t imagine driving in the summer. But as always: everything that moves, it takes. The same is true of the climate system.

Your computer is a good way to troubleshoot errors

Of course, winter is a wet and watery time, and car electronics don’t like it. A special diagnostic device that can detect whether and which is of particular concern in the vehicle’s engine or electronic system is helpful here.

Of course, the first sign of a faulty vehicle is when a light in the armature comes on, but the warning light may not always come on. In order to get a better overview of the technical condition of the vehicle, it is worth performing the diagnostics even if no strange eyes or ears appear to be visible.

Skilled and novice car owners often do all such things on their own, but it is often more convenient and safer to turn to a repair shop.